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Saving HTML5 videos to your local hard drive

03 Jan 2015

Sometimes, you want to save an online video from a media website to your local hard drive to watch it later on. In Google Chrome (or its open-source twin, Chromium), this can be achieved by following five simple steps.

Please be aware that some videos may be affected by copyright restrictions. Always make sure you don't break any laws. If you're not sure, reading the media website's Terms of Use is a good start.

1) Open the media website. If there is an 'options' menu that allows you to specify your preferred player format, select HTML (not Flash). If different qualities and / or resolutions are offered, pick the best.

2) Hit ctrl + shift+ i to show Chrome's integrated Developer Tools.

3) In the Developer Tools window, browse to Resources > Frames > [name-of-video-frame] > Media.

Saving video file from developer tools

4) Right-click on the mp4-file and choose "Open Link in New Tab".

5) Hit ctrl+ s to save the video to your local hard drive.